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Welcome! This is one humongous update, so go get your favorite beverage, a comfy chair and some bon bons to munch on ...

Our Latest Update

What a show we have for you today! I just created / updated 16 pages in this website and I did not do it all by myself as you'll see. I got so much help with this one, it was a breeze. We'll get to our March 15 presentation in a minute but first I need to mention a few things.

First, I inherited a used laptop from someone recently and fired it up, going first to our website and found to my horror of horrors, this home page looked like crap! Yes indeed, be aware that I have always said that this site is best viewed with either Firefox or Google Chrome - I do not recommend Explorer. Further indication that the Explorer product is of inferior quality is best illustrated by this very page you're viewing now. I have received emails in the past from various sources telling me how to correct these programming faults contained in our design, and I always ignored them. Criticism about the site has always been best ignored as we've had some less than honorable people try to convince me to give it up. I've had sites ask me to merge with them so that they can continue on as "it would be best for all" (happened 3 times so far) for you to do this. PFFFT. Yes, that's really happened.

So, let me be clear, this site does not work with Explorer. The top logo is overlaid on other text, everything is shifted over to the left and some if it is unreadable. Chrome and Firefox both do a fine job with what we've written, so I recommend that you use one of those browsers.

On the Forums, yes it's true, you cannot post pictures for the time being and that has been in effect for about 18 months now. One day soon you will indeed be able to upload pictures from your hard drive to the Forum, but not yet. In order to make everything work and for everything to be secure, I need to outlay about $500 to upgrade the BBS code, get it saved and reinstalled to the server, and the cost is quite high. It's an expense that I cannot justify now. I look at what's available ... for example Asia Golden Nails has an upload board and it seems to have been taken over by men's nails - do I want to spend $500 for that to happen? Nope. I'd say within 2 months we'll upgrade everything, and most importantly we'll continue to use the same database we've been using since September 2005. Can you beleive that? Our Forum has existed in the current form for 9 1/2 years! Amazing.

One last thing also, I get harassed by Google periodically as I receive emails telling me we're not "multi platform friendly". That is, people using Iphones and Ipads visiting our website are not getting the full experience based on the way our code is written. Indeed, I understand all that and it will be fixed eventually. Remember, we're not a cookie cutter operation. Everything we do is written by us and copy pasted in the format. I am aware that some links we provide are not optimized for mobile equipment and some of the pages exceed generally accepted display boundaries, but they DO WORK. I tell Google that Y'all should conform to MY format, it shouldn't be the other way around (yes I'm kidding). Long time readers will understand all this. For you newcomers, you need to understand that this is not Facebook or Instagram .... we don't take 15 selfies everyday and post them here, we don't break up with our girlfriends online over here, we don't post things like "I have a headache today" expecting 50 people to respond with "Oh, I am so sorry for you" .... we are old school. We don't want to be number one ... we'll always be number two because all the rest of 'em are number one .... at least that's what they tell us anyway. OK, verbal diarrhea has been satisfied, on with the update ...

Todays Center Stage update contains contributions from A.H., Ken & Courtney, Yan & Miss Mood, Sweet Venus, Edith, Francoise Burgess, Sedusa Crudella, Camcontacts, and last but not least, Ron aka Fingernail Fananatic. It seems Ron has been holding back some his secret stash from everyone for a long long time and I know a lot of people will be amazed at what he has sent in to share. You'll also find Crosstown Traffic, Links, Camcontacts & My Las Vegas Page are all refreshed with all new stuff.

Center Stage is here , or you can link from the sidebar on this page.