Welcome back to NailBytes 1

Our Latest Update

Welcome to our first real update in almost 6 months. I really thought we'd bitten the dust a few months ago when the server went down. I tried every angle within my control to get us back up and running but I got no cooperation. In any event, we're back now, we're free and clear of problems for the time being.

I want to express my appreciation to several people that offered help over the past 6 months. I know some people really like this stuff and want it to remain for a while longer, and when problems arise and the site goes offline for a time, it's a problem for some including me. I've had offers of support in the way of money, free web hosting and just plain old moral support as well. Much appreciated. Make no mistake who the giants in this community are ... Neal over at Ournails has always been the first to offer anything by way of support and we really appreciate that. Over the 17 1/2 years that we've been online so many of you have come to our aid in many diffferent ways and I want everyone to know that I am well taken care of here through these people that give us a reason to be here.

Having said that, if we go down tomorrow due to a virus or some other crazy thing, rest assured we'll be on it and fighting to get back on line. I strongly recommend that you "save as" the Links page to your hard drive and store it somewhere. If you have that page to your computer, you can simply click on the url which is http://nailbytes1.com/links.htm and the links will work just fine. I do that when we're off line and it allows me to visit all the sites I love to look at in our community.

Many thanks to Ken & Courtney, Yan and Mood, and Tubeman for being such great supporters as they all sent contributions. I know that many of you have migrated to Facebook and Instagram, etc., but it's nice to know that we can still rely on some help for material to keep us going. I never want to be just a website that copies and pastes other stuff from other sites. We have quite a bit of original stuff this update along with over 60 new links (mostly Instagram), 15 new Camcontacts Chat links and as you go through the updated pages you'll surely see some stuff to keep you entertained and amazed for a short time. Center Stage, Links, Crosstown Traffic, Camcontacts, My Las Vegas have all been refreshed as we have deleted a lot of old useless links and replaced them with new fresh ones.

Center Stage is here , or you can link from the sidebar on this page.