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Our Latest Update

Much has happened around here in the past two months since we last refreshed the website. You've all experienced the Google warnings and caution flags set by your virus protection and malware detectors, and while I cannot guarantee you at this point that it won;t happen again, I want to at least pass on some details about what we've had happen.

This all started back in mid April as I explained on a post on the BBS in April, and while I have been eliminating files and directories that contained malware, it seems I did not get all of it. I kept going through everything but every few days it seemed that something would slip through and appear here on this page. All in all, the malware that I'm dealing with is not a sophisticated code. 1 1/2 years ago we had our first major malware virus attack and that one was quite complicated to eliminate and control. This one seems to only have attacked this front page. It has not appeared on any other pages on the site. I keep looking for signs that it might have affected the Forums or some other part of the site, but it's actually just focused itself on this page that you are reading. 3 or 4 times now I have found a scrolling window appearing at the bottom of this page with a link. Be assured that you're fine as long as you do not click the link. I have in fact done that a few times, and all that really happens is that you end up on some god-awful page that is just a waste of time. I am supposing that it is just a re-direct code that is not dangerous, although I certainly understand the importance of warnings given by the malware detectors and virus scanners.

As we sit here today and prepare to upload our update, I am waiting for the final stage of this "fight" to occur. Which is, changing my password. Apparently I need to ask permission from my web provider to do so and I asked them 2 days ago. I already re-set this password but they need to actually do the final work on that and do something at their end. The most difficult thing about all this for me hasn;t been finding the malware code in my directories - the most difficult part has been contacting my web provider and getting their attention with requests and asking for help. Apparently there is no help available for this and all the stuff that's been done has been done by me.

Rather than wait for them to do what I asked them to do, I am going ahead and uploading the May 19 update, hoping that the final security measure will take place in the next 24 hours.

Summing up, this malware won't hurt your computer, there is little danger in visiting this site, we're 98% complete in our battle against this little nagging pest that just won't stop bothering me. Rest assured that if I thought that there was any danger to any computer visiting the website, I would pull it all down completely.

When we get the final word on our password change, I will add a line right here and date it with the information.

Since we last updated we learned of two giants from our community passing away. Herb Lasker and Linny both passed on the the last 2 months and both are significant losses. Herb was a great friend of many over the past two decades and for me personally, the past ten years or so. Linny, who I always called "The first lady of nails" was the absolute first woman I ever confessed my inner secrets to, online in NTC CHat as I recall. We spend a lot of time with her and others in the early internet days and she will be missed greatly.

While we have a tribute to Herb Lasker on today's update, I looked everywhere in my files, computers and secret stashes and I cannot find the cd rom I had of Linny's material that someone sent to me about 10 years ago via snail mail. If anyone has 10 or 20 Linny pics readily available that they can email me in time for our June / July update, please send them. In the meantime I'll keep on looking.

In May of 2008 our great friend Charlie died, that was 7 years ago this month. Recent news from Las Vegas these past few weeks regarding The Riviera Hotel Casino closing down brings back tears of joy to my eyes as I think of one of the funniest times in my life with Charlie at The Riviera. I beleive it was the trip I took in October 2006 or 2007 about 2 weeks prior to The Stardust closing. I had a suite at The Stardust. As The Riviera was across the street from us, Charlie, Lin, Rebs, Lonnie and others crossed the street on our way to Riviera. We notice a statue out the front door there ... it's the famous "Girl Bums" statue. Of course we all went up to the statue, placed our hands in the appropriate places while others took pictures. Well we all did that ... but hmm Charlie was shy of course. It took some convincing but we finally got him to go up to that statue and touch one of the bums. I think he touched one cheek with one finger while the rest of us grabbed hold like there was no tomorrow! He was shy and timid .. always that way ... and that scene was absolutely hilarious. Here is that statue just prior to them removing it from it's position out front of The Riviera just a few weeks ago:

On today's update we have pictures of The Riviera and their "fire sale" of memoribilia on our Las Vegas Page. We also updated Links, Crosstown Traffic, Adult Links and Camcontacts Page with a dozen new chat hosts. Center Stage is full of new stuff that includes material from Courtney & Ken, Miss Mood, we introduce a new model from CC named Alexia Dream - she comes to us by way of Melany - Mihaela's sister from Bucharest. We also have 172 pictures from Herb Lasker's old website that we hosted for him back in the old days with photography by Leni Cano, Tolu Solanke and others. We also take a closer look at Mihaela, AHOTHARD, Alenkaxx, SweetReine and AlexiaDream from CC. All good stuff. Many thanks to our contributors this week, it was a great job done by all.

Center Stage is here , or you can link from the sidebar on this page.